Buses and Taxis, the Best Form of Transportation in Cancun

Cancun Hotel Zone

So you’re coming to Cancún on Vacation and you’re worried about how to get around from one point to the other without spending a lot of money? Worry no more!

All along the Hotel Zone we have two perfect and economic forms of transportation:

Public buses are labeled HOTELES and the area they serve, be it any hotel along the hotel zone or into Downtown Cancun. For example, R1 (Tulum Avenue), R2 and R15 (Wal-Mart, Market 28). These buses have a cost of 8.50 Mexican pesos per person (all children pay, unless being carried by their parents in their arms). The buses are reliable, run frequently (something like every 2 minutes) and during the season they don’t stop running, meaning they work 24 hours a day. If you plan on hitting the clubs and plan on returning by bus ask the driver before getting off, the schedule of his route, and take into consideration the buses could be a little tight as we local also use them.

Now, if you don’t like the tight squeeze of a full bus, for pocket change you also have the taxis at your service! Completely safe, you can check rates from your hotel lobby. If you take them on the street, ask the driver for his price to wherever you want to go.

Taxis are cheap in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, but the rule is: don’t sit down until you’ve worked out a price!

What are you waiting for to visit us and enjoy the best vacation of your life?

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Safety in Cancun


The subject of safety is an important all over the world, not just in Mexico. As Cancun is one of the main tourism destinations in the world, the Mexican government takes many measures so you can feel safe and experience everything the destination has to offer you. As always when you travel, you should take common-sense preventative measures on your vacation in Mexico. For example:

  • don’t carry a lot of cash with you,
  • confirm with your bank as to the type of insurance your credit card has,
  • at your hotel, make sure to keep your valuables in your room safe. If there is none, ask at the front desk.
  • don’t show your credit card to everyone who asks to see it, as Mexico has a high percentage of credit card cloning. Use it only for payment in stores and restaurants and don’t lose sight of it—ask for the charge to be performed right there in front of you, or swipe it yourself. Cloning can be avoiding if you don’t flash your card to everyone who asks for it and don’t let just anyone walk off with it.
  • Cancun’s Hotel Zone is protected by the Tourist Police, who speak both English and Spanish for the tranquility of our visitors.

In general, you will feel very safe day or night all along the Hotel Zone and Downtown as long as you stay in well-trafficked, nicer areas.

Why Rent a Catamaran?

Catamarans in Cancun

Do you love the water? Does your perfect vacation with your family consist in sweet smooth sailing in Cancun, enjoying the sun and the ocean breeze with a cold, refreshing drink nearby? Then you definitely want to rent a catamaran!

We’ve got ‘em! Large and small, with a sail or without, you can enjoy either 4 or 8 hours as a private service. You can snorkel the reef, as the equipment and your guide is included! Find a delicious restaurant on Isla Mujeres and enjoy freshly grilled fish or a ceviche on board! Mmm, this is an adventure you can’t miss! If you come with a group or your family, the private service isn’t as expensive as it might seem, and it’s much more fun! Don’t waste any more time and ask for a price quote right now! And Sail on a Catamaran in Cancún!


Swimming with Manatees


Have you ever just wanted to go into the water and just hug one of these “Sea Cows”? Manatees are completely herbivorous aquatic mammals, Their scientific name is  Trichechus manatus, from the Greek tri (three) and chechus (nails) and from the Caribbean native manati (with teat). To me personally, they give me an immense feeling of tenderness, and to want to touch and hug them!!!

In general, the activity with manatees is very simple; you enter the water with them and feed them lettuce. It would seem that the activity has very little point but the activity is so gratifying!!!

Interaction with Manatees is possible at the dolphin centers of Isla Mujeres, Puerto Aventuras and in Xel-Ha. In your reservations for activities in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, don’t forget to mention them to find out which center is closest to you.

Get To Know The Jungle Maya Tour

Jungle Maya Tour

Have you already been to the archaeological sites? Or do they just not appeal to you, anyway? Do you want a vacation that is different and exciting without being an extreme sport? We recommend this tour for you, as it’s super fun, and has the just the right amount of what you’re looking for: adventure, excitement, and adrenaline, and all in a green, meaning ecological, environment.

Here you’ll fly on Ziplines over the jungle, rappel down into a cenote, explore and snorkel in cenotes and you’ll scream inside your 4 X 4 vehicle that takes you into the Jungla Maya (Mayan Jungle).

What’s more, you’ll take part in a Mayan purification ceremony with a real shaman, and of course, you’ll be super happy by day’s end. My favorite part? I think it was definitely the underground river. It’s beauty is amazing.

Although it seems that it’s only for the young, this is perfect for everyone, from those in their teens to those in their 60’s! The best thing about it is that you can do it with or without visiting Tulum and the archaeological site. If you come to Cancun or the Riviera Maya don’t miss it. It’s the only one that will let you get to know Nature and have fun in a sustainable environment.

The Columbus The Most Romantic

Romantic Tours in Cancun

Imagine the sunset or nighttime in Cancun, by candlelight with your loved one, aboard a Spanish galleon, smoothly sailing in Cancun’s lagoon, dining on lobster and a delicious steak accompanied by a glass of wine and live saxophone music. Just for the pure enjoyment of it, this is a luxury that is more than worth it!

Definitely for this vacation, the Lobster Dinner cruise is the most romantic in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. This is one of those cant-miss activities in Cancun.