End of the World December 2012 and all the previous fatalistic dates

End of the World 2012
End of the World 2012

After demystifying the Mayans and other 2012 prophecies about cosmos under the light of science and astronomy, NASA has calculated that our galaxy will crash against another galaxy in about 4 billion years.

Are you afraid that this world is coming to an end on December 21st 2012? There have probably been more predictions about the end of the world than stars in the sky. Check some of them:

400 d.c. Martin de Tours, 793 d.c. Beato de Liébana, 1284 d.c. Papa Inocencio III,  1689 Benjamin Keach, 1736 William Whiston, 1822 Monjas Chilenas, 1844 William Miller, 1875 Michael Baxter, 1914 Charles Taze Russell, 1919 Albert Porta, 1954 Dorothy Martin, 1972 Herbert Armstrong, 1980 Leland Jensen, 1994 John Hinkle, 1994 Harold Camping, 1999 Nostradamus, 2000 Varios, 2007 Thomas Chase, 2011 Harold Camping, 2012 Varios, 2020 Jeane Dixon, 2060 Isaac Newton.

About Mayan prophecies and all the information regarding this, we recommend you to visit the interesting tour Chichen Itza Myths 2012 to clarify your find and differentiate between reality and myths.

The destiny of Planet Earth is in our hands, remember to take care of your Home, is the only one we have.

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