Chichen Itza, to the End of an Era

Myths and Realities of the Mayan Prophecies and the New Cycle 2012

The catastrophic prediction of the end of the world in the year 2012 has been attributed to the Mayan civilization, however, how much is it fiction and how much is it reality?

Mexican historian and expert in Mayan Culture, Claudio Obregon states: “The 7 prophecies lumbered to the Mayans on the Internet are just inventions of the Colombian architect Fernando Malkun and his multiple disciples”.

This architect, among other modern prophets have spread the idea that the Mayan writings point out destiny subjects like poverty, global warming, pole melting, New Age consciousness, eclipses and comets with terrible consequences and of course the end of humanity as we know it in the year 2012. However, despite his repeated affirmations, none of his prophecies are supported by a historical or epigraphical Mayan sources.

Because of this fact, and contrary to the original Mayan culture, this New Age ideology has been related to the ancient Mayan mysticism spreading all over the world encouraging for a new consciousness and attracting followers of all nationalities that are not aware of the real facts of this culture that beats strong in the heart of Mexico.

Then, Mayans never prophesized about the 2012?

Claudio Obregon states, “of the 10 thousand available hieroglyphic writings there are only two related to the year 2012, one of them can be found in Comalcalco and its contents has not been published. The second one is found in El Tortuguero and reads: “After 13 cycles, the god Bolom Yokté will descend from the heavens…”. Therefore, this writings do not quote a catastrophe or end of humanity.  In fact, Mayans stated that in December 2012 a “Long Count” time period will come to an end, but the beginning of a new cycle will come to be.

According to the investigator Gregg Braden, author of “Fractal Time”, the changes in our planet are due to the Earth movement towards the Ecuador in the Milky Way. Moreover, scientists have discovered that the center of our Galaxy is a powerful source of magnetic energy and our future location towards this source of energy will have a huge effect on our Planet Earth. On December 21, 2012, we will be facing this point without any obstruction of another planet or solar system object,  giving us a direct access.

Talking about beginnings and endings, Braden states that our current Great Cycle is a long cycle of 5,125 years linked to an astronomical event that occurred in the year 3114 A.C. This cycle ends on December 21, 2012 in Winter Solstice.

Theories and speculation abound, but future is uncertain. In any case, as humankind, we know that the best way to live or face anything is by staying together in harmony and love. On the other hand, culture, history and equanimity must be respected and our responsibility is to make research on the real facts through trustful resources written by experts that have studied the Mayan Culture and astronomy.

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Chichen Itza Myths and Realities 2012
Chichen Itza Myths and Realities 2012


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