Would you dare to Interact with Sharks

Sharks Cancun

Experience new thrills in your vacation by diving into ponds filled whit Toro Sharks, is a safe and fun activity that we have in Cancun. This observation of the Bull Sharks is included in all dolphin swim’s you take at Isla Mujeres, we provide all snorkeling gear to go into the sea and you can look through a thick acrylic while they are eating great mouthfuls of fish. you’ll also
have the opportunity to go swimming with rays of different sizes.

Another place where you can watch sharks of many species such as Toro, Gata, Lemon, etc, is the Interactive Aquarium in Cancun. We dive into a pond in an acrylic cage give them to eat, as you can observe them quietly.

Dare to look this creatures closely and see how the real kings of the seas eat.

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