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Cozumel, the largest inhabited island in Mexico, known worldwide for its magnificent coral reefs, is located in the Caribbean Sea, about fifty miles from Cancun and forms (with two inland enclaves Calica and Xel-Ha), one of the nine municipalities in the state of Quintana Roo.
Recognized internationally because Cozumel holds the second largest barrier reef in the world, Cozumel offers a wide range of water sports to practice as diving, sport fishing, snorkeling and kayaking. Chankanaab Park is one of the most visited parks of the island.

Most of the territory is undeveloped and the center of the island is covered by lush jungle and swampy lagoons and its the household of a hundred birds and mammals. At the southern end lies Punta Celerain and its historical lighthouse, as well as the Colombia Lagoon, home to numerous endemic species and other life forms in danger of extinction, such as sea turtles. 
 Also, on the island there are several archaeological Maya sites where, even today, you can feel the mysticism of the past. The peculiar contrast that forms the white coast, tropical vegetation and turquoise of the sea, added up with the hospitality of the people are an invitation for tourists to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Things to do in Cozumel

Things to do in Cozumel

During your vacation in Cancun, be sure to visit the island of Cozumel a real paradise. Here we recommend some activities to do during your visit to this incredible island. 
 If you take a walk around the island, admire the beautiful sunrises on the horizon, enjoy the beach, visiting archaeological sites and museums. You can also go shopping, you will find crafts of the region, shirts, perfumes and even beautiful jewelry made ​​of gold and silver.

You can also snorkel or dive in the reefs. You dont need to be a professional diver to admire what the depths of the Caribbean Sea has to offer, just put on your snorkeling gear, and the clear water will allow you to see lots of colorful fish.

Hotel Zone vs. Downtown Hotels

Hotel Zone Cancun

Hotels in Cancun are mainly located in the Hotel Zone and in the Downtown area of the City.

Here are some facts to consider when choosing where to stay in Cancun. We hope this can be helpful.

The Hotel Zone is a coastal paradise, 23 miles long. It is the main tourist area of Cancun, a place where comfort is venerated and where everything is designed to offer the traveler a pleasant stay. The hotels have impressive architectural designs and a full-service infrastructure, represented by the most famous hotel chains in the world. Most of these establishments are governed by the All Inclusive system, which includes lodging, meals, entertainment, performance and various tips, reason why their rates are higher.

The hotels in the downtown area generally have an intermediate category. Many of them are attended by they’re owners, which creates a much more familiar and relaxed atmosphere. Guests prefer them because the are accessible to a smaller budget without losing comfort and safety.

Whatever your choice is, you can be shure that you will be very well attended.

Laguna Nichupte Cancun Natural Wonder

Laguna Nichupte

Located on the east coast of Cancun, with a surface that exceeds 3.000 hectares. The Nichupte Lagoon is one of the best examples of natural paradise, as it represents a large natural reserve area for the mangrove ecosystem in which inhabits different animal species.

Nichupte Lagoon is composed of seven lakes, among which are the Laguna del Amor, Laguna Bojorquez, Laguna San Jose and Laguna Ciega. It also communicates with the Caribbean Sea through two channels: the Siegfried and Nizuc Channel.
In its waters you can practice various activities such as fishing, kayaking, boating, ski, scuba diving, snorkeling, etc.. Tthe view from there is incredible, so is an ideal place to enjoy the Caribbean sunset.

In Cancun, there are tours that allow you to visit the mangroves of the Laguna Nichupte, getting o know the various types of flora and fauna that coexist in the jungle and you can also visit a stunning coral reef. The most popular activity on this beautiful lake is the boat tour through the jungle, called Jungle Tour.

Jungle Tour Book now by clicking here.

If you prefer to visit the Nichupte Lagoon aboard a New Orleans type boat powered by a paddle wheel as traditionally used in the Mississippi River, click here.

Cancun Facts

Cancun, Mexico

The following information will help you plan your next vacation in Cancun. Also lets you know some interesting facts that will be very useful during your stay in the city:

Official name: Cancun
Location: Benito Juarez, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Climate: tropical and humid with sunshine all year round. The temperature varies between 20 ° and 30 ° C (68 ° to 86 ° F) from October to March and from 22 ° to 33 ° C (75 ° to 91 ° F) from April to September.
Time Zone: Central Time, UTC -6
Official language: Spanish. Most service providers speak English and some speak French, Italian and German. Many of the local Indians still communicate in Maya.
Communications: the main tourist areas have phone booths, fax services and wireless Internet.
Telephone code: 998.
International calls: you must dial the access code 001 for the United States and Canada, and 00 + the country code for the rest of the world. Prepaid cards are the cheapest way to make calls.
Phones: If you want to use your cell phone in Mexico see your service provider before going on holiday. In the city you can rent cell phones per day for local use.
Mail: located in the center of the city. There are also offices that perform postal service, National and International.
Postal Code: 77500
Currency: Mexican peso ($ or MXP), is issued in denominations of $ 20.00, $ 50.00, $ 100.00, $ 200.00 and $ 500.00 pesos, and coins of $ 0.10, $ 0.20, $ 0.50 and $ 1.00, $ 2.00, $ 5.00, $ 10.00 and $ 20.00 pesos. U.S. dollars are also accepted almost everywhere.
Banks: Open from 9:00 to 14:30.
ATMs: Available 24 hours. They are located in commercial areas and banks.
Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted in shops, hotels and travel agencies. And in almost all places are traveler’s checks.
Tips: average service is 10-15% and one to two dollars per bag charged. Some places include the tip in your account.
Standard Electricity: 110 volts AC/60 cycles. Hotels usually offer voltage converters for 220 volt appliances. Some outlets do not accept polarized or three pins.
Cancun International Airport: Security levels are high. It has duty free shops and gift shops that offer silver jewelry, perfumes and souvenirs.
Transport: there are transport services that travel from the airport to the hotels, and hotels to the airport. Prices are based on the distance of the hotel to the airport, so you must identify which area is your hotel at to see the final price of your transportation. Public transportation within the hotel area and city is by bus, is very efficient, fast, economic and drivers will give change. In addition, maps of the city are given away almost anywhere.
If you want to book hotel in a comfortable and safe way, we recommend you continue reading about the best choices of hotels in Cancun.

Recommendations for diving in Cancun

Diving in Cancun

Cancun is one of the major tourist destinations in terms of diving. For those who want to start in this fascinating activity, please keep in mind the following points:

– It is important before diving is done a diving course. It should be noted that the underwater environment is not our usual way. There are subjected to physiological changes and we must consider, in addition, the displacements are different from the usual. Adapting to this new medium is something that is achieved with practice open water swimming and guided by qualified instructors.

– To be a certified diver to do a course in one of the many agencies that exist. There are different levels of certification, from basic to advanced. The existing certification programs are very similar.

– Most certification agencies have minimum age to dive 12 years of age. At that age can be obtained age-appropriate certifications with restrictions.

– Physical requirements for diving in the Mexican Caribbean sports vary depending on location. For the basic level of any sport diver certification, you must be physically and mentally well, besides having a minimum of physical condition. As the diver seeks higher levels of certification are needed more fitness.

– Please note that before the dive you can not drink alcohol. Within the first 24 hours after diving, one should not travel by plane.

– Before diving should drink plenty of water to stay well hydrated and light breakfast. You should also sleep well enough before diving.

– Not everyone can dive. It is recommended that you practice with asthma, hypertension, epilepsy, pregnant women or people with respiratory problems.

Looking to take a diving lesson with a real immersion in the sea click here and book your place.

Nightlife in Cancun

NightLife Cancun

Cancun is famous worldwide for its lively nightlife. When the sun sets, the fun continues.

Cancun’s nightlife is varied. You can find some of the biggest clubs in the world with international DJs, lights & laser shows, acrobats and special live events, restaurants with celebrity chefs services at international level where you can enjoy delicious dishes prepared with fish, seafood or meat, as well as fast-food outlets and open bars till early morning hours with an authentic atmosphere. And if you want a quieter atmosphere, in the city there are places like piano bar or jazz.

Among the various clubs and bars, now called antros, the best in Cancun are: Coco Bongo, The City, Dady Rock, Dady’O and, Sugar, Bulldog Café, Basic, Senor Frog `s, Pure Cancun, Yaxchilan Avenue, Jatcha, Z Bar and Mambo Café.

Each one of these places has its own style. You’ll find everything from hip hop to rock, from salsa to electronic and from the most simple to the more sophisticated.

There’s No doubt that in any of them you’re going to be entertain to the point that you’ll wish the night never ends.

If you’re planning your trip, we recommend you to read more about hotels in Cancun and that way make a hotel reservation quickly and securely.

Night Shows in Cancun

Xcaret at Night

Cancun is not only recognized worldwide for its amazing beaches, but also because of the many options for nightly entertainment. Taking a tour in this unusual time of day is the perfect choice. If you want to do something different or enjoy a romantic sunset near the Nichupte lagoon, here are some of the most exciting nightlife options in Cancun

Pirate Assault: aboard the Cabaret Caribbean sail through the Caribbean Sea toward a singular Pirate Village located on Isla Mujeres. Once on shore you can enjoy a buffet dinner with all night open bar and witness the most amazing spectacles of the Caribbean: dance, music and competitions, where young and old celebrate with great joy.

Caribbean Carnival: aboard the Caribbean Cabaret sail through the Caribbean Sea toward a private beach club on Isla Mujeres. You will have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful Caribbean spectacle and be part of this great tropical party. Taste a delicious dinner buffet, tropical drinks and exquisite desserts. The special dishes are the roast beef steak and the delicious Tikinchik fish specialty of the island

Lobster Cruise: On board an elegant Spanish galleon, tour the Nichupte lagoon, enjoying a romantic and intimate dinner to the rhythm of live saxophone music while watching the sunset or the thousands of lights that shine from the coast of Cancun . Includes open bar and for dinner we have the option: Mar y Tierra (half lobster and steak) and shrimp skewer or cut of meat. Tour only for couples.

Cancún Queen: you can enjoy a delicious dinner aboard a New Orleans type boat. Enjoy the sunset from the best live music to dance and watch a beautiful sunset while strolling around the Nichupte lagoon. Includes open bar, dinner choose form lobster and beef or chicken and fish.

Xcaret Night: you could be part of this incredible show and feel the Mexican feast of color, music and dance from all over the country. With 300 artists and their professionalism on stage you will be transported to the meeting of two worlds as they revive pre-Hispanic ball game and more. The Tour Xcaret Night makes clear that Mexico has the biggest, colorful, varied, and wonderful culture of the world.

Archaeological Wonders in Cancun

Chichen Itza

Cancun offers the opportunity to visit the most spectacular archaeological sites in Mexico without having to travel long distances.

Take a trip back in time and learn the culture of a fascinating world: the Maya.

– Ruinas del Rey (Ruins of The King): The original name is unknown, was named after the discovery of a sculpture representing a human face decorated with an elaborate headdress, which probably portrays a character of high rank.
Because of its location to both the Caribbean Sea and the Nichupte lagoon, it is possible to have functioned as the center of a small city devoted to maritime trade and fishing. Today it is visited by local and international tourism and has a wide variety of birds and reptiles.
Location: On the mile 17.5 of Boulevard Kukulcan, Cancun.

– El Meco: it is named after the nickname of a local resident who became associated with the ruins. Until the arrival of the Spanish enclave work as a strategic business and assumed importance in the regional economy by participating in a commercial network and inland marine lagoon which is integrated in all populations of the Yucatan Peninsula. It has the tallest building and important part of the conurbation of Cancun and the largest number of civil and religious buildings. Corresponds to the Early Classic period, AD 300-600.
Location: Seven miles from the junction between Bonampak avenue hotel zone and the road to Punta Sam.

– Chichen Itza: For its size, symmetry and astrological significance, was named one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, as well as a World Heritage Site. Home to the pyramid of Kukulkan, a huge stone calendar attached to the ball field larger in Mesoamerica, a Mayan astronomic observatory, the Temple of the Nuns, the Temple of the Warriors and the Sacred Cenote. In the evening you can enjoy an incredible show called Chichen Itza Light and Sound. In addition, during the Spring Equinox on 21 March and the Autumn Equinox on September 22, you can see the body of Kukulcan serpent descending from the top of the main pyramid El Castillo. This effect symbolizes the descent of God Kukulcan (bird-snake) to the ground, and meant the beginning and end of the agricultural cycle.
Location: 188 miles to Cancun in the Yucatan Peninsula.

– Ek Balam: its buildings, temples and palaces are located inside a walled area, which proves to have been sacred center and seat of power, where the rulers and priests lived. Today this archaeological site is positioned as the most recent in the region, in the Yucatan Peninsula ..
Location: 145 kilometers from Cancún.

– Coba: Wrapped in the deep green of the rainforest, the ancient Mayan city stands between five quiet lagoons. His name signified in Maya water stirred by wind. It flourished between 600-900 AD, and at the end of the Classic period had already become a Maya city-state of great importance with a population over 50,000. By archaeological discoveries, there are many links with the great Maya city of Tikal (Guatemala). In its heyday extended over 70 km and there was wielded economic control of the region through a complex network of roads. It is home to the tallest pyramid in the north of the peninsula with 42 meters high.
Location: 165 miles from Cancun town west of the archaeological zone d.

– Tulum, Mayan walled city of the empire, has a beachfront dream. It was an important center of worship for the “god descended” and a thriving trading port until the arrival of the Spanish in 1518.
Reached its peak by the year 1200 AD of the post-Classic Maya.
His name was Zama prehispanic, “dawn” in Maya and Tulum now and that means wall, fence or barrier. It is possible to have used this name to refer to the city when it was already in ruins.
The Castle is the most outstanding building for its location, the Temple of the Descending God, the Temple of the frescoes, murals and adorned with a reproduction of codices, the House of Columns and Uinic Halach House.
Location: 132 miles from Cancun on the beautiful Caribbean coast.

During your vacation in Cancun, not to be missed the most impressive and mysterious archaeological sites in Mexico. Come and enjoy the history and culture of a fascinating world and not be beaten.

In Cancun, in addition, find hotels, restaurants and entertainment’s most exclusive country.

Discover the beauty beneath the Caribbean Sea

Discover the natural beauty

Cancun is known worldwide as one of the best places for diving and snorkeling

All those wishing to discover the natural beauty offered by the depths of the Caribbean Sea can choose between diving in old cenotes along the magical coral reefs or also in the creeks and parks.

If you are not a certified diver you can join a beginners tour:

View Classes for Beginners Diving

The Great Mesoamerican Reef is the longest and most impressive reef formation in the Western Hemisphere. Its home to a wide variety of species of coral, molluscs, fish, sea turtles, sharks, dolphins and other striking sea creatures. A dream place for divers and snorkel lovers.

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